Donetsk, Feb 2 — DAN. Former chief of the Roskosmos space corporation Dmitry Rogozin who leads the Tsar’s Wolves group of military advisers has said that four advanced “Market” robots have been delivered to Donbass.

 “We’re loading target images, finalizing algorithms for a group of combat robots and installing powerful anti-tank weapons, ” Rogozin said in a post on Telegram. He attached a video showing the unloading of two “Marker” units.

The caterpillar-tracked equipment was developed by “Android Technology” company together with the Advanced Research Foundation.

It was displayed for the first time at the Army 2022 international military technology forum. “Marker” can be used for guarding various facilities, reconnaissance, cargo delivery and fighting against sabotage groups. Installable equipment includes various sensors and weaponry. “Marker” features a broad use of neural networks and large action choice autonomy.*jk