Donetsk, Nov 4 - DAN. The pledge to phase out coal-fired power will destroy Ukraine's energy and economic spheres, head of the Donetsk National University Political Science Department Artyom Bobrovsky told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

Earlier reports said that representatives of more than 40 countries including Ukraine agreed at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow to phase out the use of coal as the dirtiest fossil fuel. Ukraine, together with Poland, Canada and Vietnam belong to the group of countries with high coal consumption in the production of electricity.

“Global warming leads to irreversible effects on nature. its causes are a subject of hot debates among researchers,” Bobrovsky said.  “Some insist that the causes are man-made while others argue that such statements oversimplify the problem and that climatic changes might be cyclic. However, a close look at the fight for the environment and “green transition” shows that they are well-conceived information campaigns.”

It is proven by opinionated statements by politicians and activists. Emotions and alarmism are instruments in political manipulation, and a deep analysis reveals that it is yet another pretext to put economic and political pressure on a number of states, he said.

The end of the use of coal will destroy the economy of the competitors of the West. The carbon tax will make them pay dearly for this ecological venture which they can no longer resist. The largest media platforms have long blocked the attempts to question the need for transition to renewable sources of energy, Bobrovsky said.

“This strategy will destroy Ukraine’s energy sector and then strike its economy. The social sphere will be immediately plunged into a most severe political crisis. This is the price the Kiev regime is paying for “Euromaidan.” Of course, the oligarchs and political elite will try to use ordinary citizens for reaching their objectives,” he said.

Bobrovsky is confident that economic stagnation, mass unemployment, labour migration and falling standards of living are the fruits of the populist policy pursued by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. In Glasgow he had to promote the interests of his voters carefully and consistently. This is what Russia and China did as these efforts are aimed against them.

“Ukraine will become a very toxic state at the Russian border. Regrettably, Ukraine’s self-destruction can no longer be stopped,” the political scientist said.*jk