Donetsk, Sep 17 - DAN. Donetsk suggested discussing a possible revision of the Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire in Donbass at the next round of Minsk talks, the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination said on Thursday.

“The package of Additional Measures was coordinated and signed by all Contact Group participants and has to be followed in its entirely, not on a piecemeal basis. Since Ukraine refused to implement one of the items of the document which was supposed to contribute to settling all problem issues and eliminating violations through direct interaction of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination in its current membership, the Republics’ representatives proposed to put the issue of the revision of the Additional Measures on the agenda of the next meeting.”

At the Contact Group video conference on September 16, Ukraine rejected the coordination mechanism which had been designed to respond to violations of the additional ceasefire control measures. The DPR criticized Kiev’s position pointing out at the necessity to coordinate the whole package anew.

On September 10, Kiev derailed the joint inspection with the DPR, agreed by the Contact Group, in the Shumy settlement area outside Gorlovka, where Ukrainian armed formations had been developing a new fortified area.

On  July 22, the Contact Group finalised and signed a package of ceasefire control measures. The measures came into force five days later. They envision the search for and punishment of violators. Under the accord, a coordinating mechanism had to be designed and initiated to respond to ceasefire violations with the assistance of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination in the current membership.

To avoid any manipulations with coordinates, time and new terms, DPR representatives stated their proposals in written form, providing a clear road map for eliminating positional violations within the logic of the Additional Measures.*jk