“On 28 January, MGB prevented an act of terror and sabotage planned by Ukrainian secret services and targeting a DPR military unit,” MGB spokeswoman Maria Petrova told a news briefing at Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“The objective was to destroy military and civilian infrastructure, cause civilian casualties and destabilize DPR socio-political situation,” Petrova said.

To prepare the terrorist attack, Ukrainian secret service recruited DPR militiaman Eduard Klypa, contacting him through his landlord.

“Ukrainian side passed to Klypa a magnetic explosive device disguised as a plastic briefcase to blow up a depot. The device was retrieved and defused,” the MGB spokeswoman said.

Klypa said he had been blackmailed with threats against his relatives who lived in Kiev-controlled Mariupol, but that he immediately reported it to DPR law-enforcers.

MGB urges DPR residents to immediately report Kiev’s blackmailing and recruiting attempts. *jk