Donetsk, Sep 6 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic areas on the Mariupol axis came under fire on September 5 evening at the order of 36th Marines Brigade commander Andrey Gnatov, DPR Operations Command spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Thursday citing the Republic's intelligence reports.

“Yesterday evening, the Kominternovo and Leninskoye settlements came under mortar fire delivered from the positions of 36th Separate Marines Brigade commanded by Gnatov,” Bezsonov said.

Reports on Wednesday said a house caught fire when the Ukrainian army shelled Kominternovo in the Republic’s southern Novoazovskiy district. No casualties were reported.

Earlier on Thursday, reports said that Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 17 times over the past 24 hours firing 53 rounds of ammunition at the DPR.

The new ceasefire agreed by the Contract Group for peaceful Donbass conflict settlement ahead of the new schoolyear came into force at 00:01 on August 29.*jk