Donetsk, Oct 4 – DAN. DPR Supreme Court has sentenced a Ukrainian service member to 18 years of prison on the combined effect of articles covering the detonation of a bridge on the  Donetsk-Avdeyevka highway, the prosecutor General's office said on Friday.

"Ukrainian service member pantyushenko B.V. has been sentenced by the DPR Supreme Court to 18 years of prison under articles 232, 323 and 327 DPR Criminal Code (training for terrorist attacks; forcible seizure of power; saboteur activity)."

The convict took part in training for further participation in the Kiev's reprisal operation within  the 1st separate tank brigade.

"Being a tank crews commander (T-54B) and acting together with other tank crews, he committed actions aimed at forcible seizure of power and forcible change of the constitutional order of the Republic, derailment of its economic safety and defense, as he destroyed a bridge the  Donetsk-Avdeyevka highway by detonating munitions under the bridge that was an important part of transport system," the Office said.

The judgment has entered into force. *ot