Donetsk, Mar 7 – DAN. The DPR Ministry of State Security (MGB) detained a Donetsk resident Yuriy Shapovalov suspected of spying for Ukraine, the ministry's press service said.

"The Ministry of State Security detained Yuriy Shapovalov, born in 1964, citizen of Ukraine, suspected of spying for Ukraine. The detainee was collecting, analyzing, publishing and handing to Ukraine sensitive information about the DPR."

The suspect managed an account in Twitter since 2014 publishing information destabilizing the political and social situation in the DPR, and collected data on military objects locations, movement of equipment and personnel. In summer 2015 the man established connection with Ukrainian special services and was recruited.

During the interrogation it has been established that despite his initiative to spy, the detained suspect was not fully aware of the responsibility provided for by the DPR law, as Ukrainian services convinced him he was safe.

A criminal case has been opened in accordance with the Art.321 (Espionage) of the DPR Criminal Code. Shapovalov now faces from 12 to 20 years of prison. *ot