Donetsk, Nov 24 – DAN. DPR Armed Forces have downed 60 Ukrainian UAVs this week, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

“Since the beginning of 2017, DPR Armed Forces destroyed 60 enemy's UAVs, as they were used to adjust fire of banned weapons and performing follow-up reconnaissance of civil infrastructure in the DPR territory," he said.

On the latest occasion, the DPR downed Ukrainian drone on November 20, as Ukrainian units were performing fire adjustment targeting residential quarters of Dokuchayevsk.

According to the Article 7 of the Minsk Memorandum dated 19 September 2014, the use of combat aircrafts and UAVs along the contact line is banned in the 30km-wide zone of ceasefire, with the only exception made for the OSCE SMM drones. Nevertheless, Ukrainian forces regularly breach the provision, usually to carry out aerial reconnaissance and fire adjustment.*ot