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Donetsk, Jun 21 – DAN. Ukrainian army targeted an ambulance during a humanitarian ceasefire, the DPR People's Militia said.

Three Republican service members were killed on Monday morning in Ukrainian attack on the Lozovoye area, one was injured. When an evacuation group arrived in an ambulance to retrieve the bodies, Ukrainian army opened fire on them despite a JCCC-agreed humanitarian lull. Another DPR service member was killed, four injured.

"This is a gross violation of international humanitarian law," the report reads.

People's Militia said that such a flagrant violation has destroyed the cooperation mechanism that had been employed for a long time.

"Now no one feels sure that evacuation groups are safe even if a ceasefire is declared," the Defense said.

"We urge the international community to record another aggressive action of Ukrainian fighters that leads to a renewal of military actions".

Ambulances came under fire several times during the conflict. On one of the most recent occasions, on October 31, 2019, a medical vehicle was targeted outside Belaya Kamenka in southern DPR. Health workers on board were responding to a situation involving a child when the ambulance was hit by an anti-tank guided missile injuring the driver and a sanitary instructor. *ot