Donetsk, Oct 4 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic parliament committee on support of special military operation participants will be working on rehabilitation of servicemen and providing assistance to their families, committee member Yury Sivokonenko told the Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday.

“It’s a new committee; we have a lot of work to do. We don’t know all its powers yet, but the scope of laws, decrees or additional recommendations we need is very large, ” Sivokonenko said. “It will handle rehabilitation of servicemen, assistance to them and their families and many other things.”

The committee will invite welfare and health officials to its meeting next week, he added.

Chairman of the DPR parliament committee on physical culture, sports and tourism Vlaidmir Chekun earlier said that it would pay special attention to the assistance to children of special military operation participants and pupils at DPR boarding schools.*jk