Donetsk, Mar 25 – DAN. A member of the DPR mission to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) has been injured as Ukrainian forces targeted Dokuchayevsk outskirts.

"Today, during repair works in Yasnoye (Dokuchayevsk), Ukrainian armed formations opened sniper fire targeting repair team and DPR members of the JCCC. As a result, one of the JCCC observers sustained a gunshot wound."

The JCCC was present in the area to monitor the repair works at a transformer substation.

The fire originated from the direction of Beryezovoye, despite previously issued security guarantees.

Moreover, Ukrainian members of the JCCC were additionally notified on the start of the works through the OSCE SMM operational channel.

"Mirror patrols of the Mission were also present in the area and witnessed the gross violation. We hope the incident will be duly mentioned in the SMM's report."  *ot