Donetsk, Aug 29 – DAN. Ukrainian 72nd mechanized brigade is responsible for the shelling of Golmovskiy north of Gorlovka after the ceasefire came into effect today, said the head of the DPR Armed Forces press service Daniil Bezsonov citing intelligence sources.

"After the School Ceasefire came into effect, fire was opened on Golmovskiy from the positions of the 72nd mechanized brigade."

Before the ceasefire, the same brigade commanded by a war criminal Ruslan Tatus, shelled Golmovskiy with heavy artillery and mortars leaving one house damaged, Bezsonov added.

The DPR intelligence has also identified responsible for the attack on a truck in Dokuchayevsk which killed one civilian; the troops of the 93rd mechanized brigade under command of Vladislav Klochkov opened fire.

"The terrorists of the 93rd mechanized brigade under Klochkov's command shelled Dokuchayevsk and Elenovka with anti-tank guided missiles, grenade launchers and small arms. The driver was killed by a direct hit on his truck."

Andrey Gnatov ordered his 36th marine brigade to shell Kominternovo with 120mm and 82mm mortars; a house was burnt down.

A School Ceasefire came into effect in Donbass today at 0:01 a.m. after the Contact Group members reiterated their full commitment to a permanent ceasefire on the occasion of the beginning of the school year on August 22.

Kiev forces violated the School Ceasefire three hours after it came into effect. *ot