Donetsk, Oct 16 – DAN. Poroshenko's statement on Minsk-2 can be regarded as a turn down of peace deal, said DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko at an emergency meeting held this night in Donetsk.

"We had drills today associated with two things. The first one is escalation on the line of contact, the second one is Petr Poroshenko's speech that cancels Minsk Agreements and as good as unleashes new round of fighting," he said addressing the participants of the mobilization call of ministries leaders, agencies, local administrations.

Zakharchenko added that the results of the surprise check of Republic's senior authorities readiness will be announced later.

"We take into account all mishaps and faults, but I would like to thank you, we have met the regulatory standards by 98-99 per cent."

On October, 15th Ukrainian president expressed another re-interpretation of the Package of Measures for the Implementation of Minsk Agreements. Speaking in front of servicemen in Chuguev, Kharkov region, Poroshenko announced that "Ukraine would not go ahead in the political process" until the "security package is implemented, including the transfer of control over the border between the Republics and Russia to the government of Ukraine.

Lately an escalation is observed on DPR south axis, where Ukrainian forces heavily shell villages along the line of contact.