Donetsk, Oct 3 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic militiamen shot down a Ukrainian Phantom drone which was adjusting Ukrainian forces fire in the south of the Republic, the DPR People’s Militia reported on Thursday.

“Militia air defence units continue to effectively protect the Republic from air threats,” the report said. “Yesterday, another Ukrainian Phantom drone was destroyed in the Belaya Kamenka village area (in southern DPR - eds Donetsk News Agency) which was used by 35th Brigade gunmen to adjust 120mm mortar fire.”

It is the second Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle shot down by DPR forces in October.

Reports on Wednesday said that DPR air defence units had shot down a Ukrainian Krylo-type UAV in the Staromikhailovka neighbourhood in western Donetsk.

Employing combat aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in 30km-wide zone along the line of contact is banned under Article 7 of Minsk Memorandum dated September 19, 2014, with the exception to OSCE SMM UAVs.*jk*pp