Donetsk, Aug 31 — DAN.  DPR People’s Militia is closing in on Ukrainian positions in Pervomaiskoye north-west of Donetsk, the Defence said.

“The 11th regiment of the DPR People’s Militia is assaulting Pervomaiskoye. Tanks are engaging Ukrainian positions in Pervomaiskoye, artillery has managed to damage a Ukrainian tank and thwart another tank’s attempt to evacuate their troops,” the report reads.

One of the officers taking part in the assault, call-sign 'Magadan', told DAN that tank crews are approaching target detection lines for subsequent engagement to destroy.

A drone crew is at the site carrying out reconnaissance and fire adjustment missions.

Pervomaiskoye is located close to a recently liberated town of Peski on the outskirts of Donetsk. Pervomaiskoye has long been used by Ukrainian forces to shell the DPR capital. *ot