Donetsk, Jun 1 – DAN. DPR defense forces intercepted a Ukrainian hit squad as it was trying to infiltrate the DPR territory, the Republican Operations Command said.

"Yesterday evening, two groups of gunmen from the 503rd separate marine infantry battalion of the 36th brigade headed in the direction of out positions outside Kominternovo from Talakovka neighborhood. They were immediately spotted as they tried to deactivate mines on their way."

DPR troops had to shoot to kill; two Ukrainian troops died, six sustained injuries, others retreated. "The corpses have been left close to Ukrainian positions, the wounded have been evacuated," the report says.

The DPR reserves its right to retaliate adequately, the Command said.

The enemy's mission might have been organized to destabilize the situation at this particular front sector, as a delegation from Germany headed by the foreign minister Heiko Maas is expected in Mariupol today.

Recently the number of Kiev's attempts to break through DPR positions has grown. Over the past week, two Ukrainian saboteur squads was neutralized, another one sustained heavy loses. *ot