Donetsk, Mar 28 – DAN. The DPR Air Defence has downed three Tochka-U missiles in one day, DPR Defence's deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin said.

According to the report, three missiles were downed by DPR Air Defence units.

Over the past day, 57 Ukrainian nationalists were liquidated, as well as three fire positions and four armoured vehicles. A Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, an IFV and an APC were captured.

Seventeen members of Ukraine's 25th and 54th brigades laid down arms voluntarily.

Tochka-U is a tactical missile system with effective range of 120 km. It can be equipped with conventional, nuclear or chemical warheads.

Kiev forces fired nearly two dozen missiles of this kind since the escalation of the conflict. *ot