Donetsk, Jul 9 – DAN. The DPR is determined to demand the endorsement of an additional package of measures to control security situation in Donbass at the meeting of the security subgroup in Minsk, said DPR representative at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Major General Ruslan Yakubov speaking exclusively to DAN.

"Some measures of ceasefire control exist, they have been developed by the OSCE SMM representatives. They were employed for the first time during the "school ceasefire" in 2017. The list (of measures) was short at first, then additional articles were added procured from the field experience."

In May this year, the OSCE SMM sent the updated draft list of measures to the sides of the conflict, to be reviewed by the security working group. The DPR proposed to sign the document, while Ukraine ignored the initiative.

"The list comprises comprehensive confirmation of adherence to previously adopted measures to cease hostilities previewed by the Minsk Agreements; bans on any offensive or reconnaissance operations, sniper fire, shelling, including retaliatory, especially directed on populated areas; ban on deployment of heavy weapons. The Republics shall insist on signing the document at the next meeting in Minsk, July 11."

The previous meeting took place on June 27.*ot