Donetsk, Jun 6 – DAN. DPR special services have detained a national of Jordan working for the Ukrainian Security Service, the DPR State Security Ministry said.

"The DPR State Security Ministry has detained an agent of the Ukrainian Security Service, a citizen of the Kingdom of Jordan, Khaldun Kaif Sayel Kharak Shekh, born in 1986," the press report said.

It has been established that the foreigner had been detained by Ukrainian special services when crossing through the Maryinka checkpoint and made him cooperate threatening to deport him otherwise.

The agent has been carrying out arms and ammunition cache operations, filmed strategic objects, gathered and passed information on DPR units, personnel and equipment locations.

"In the winter 2018 he was tasked with observing the place where the DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin resides."

According to the DPR State Security Ministry, the information received from the foreign spy "was used to plot Basurin's assassination".

The detained is charged under the Article 321 DPR Criminal code (Espionage) punishable with 12-20 years of prison. The investigation is ongoing. *ot