Donetsk, Oct 28 – DAN. DPR People's Militia believes that Ukrainian nationalists are involved in yesterday's attack on a Phoenix cell tower, the press service of the Defense said.

"(Ukrainian) nationalists have embarked on the plan of terrorist attacks plotted by their leadership. In particular, one of the attacks resulted in damage to a cell base station in Donetsk," the report reads.

One of the cell tower of DPR Phoenix mobile carrier was blown up on October 27 with a remotely detonated improvised explosive device, the Ministry of State Security said. A criminal investigation has been launched under Art.256 DPR Criminal Code (Illegal  Acquisition,  Transfer,  Sale,  Storage,  Transportation,  or  Bearing  of  Firearms, Its Basic Parts, Ammunition, Explosives, and Explosive Devices) and Art. 327 (Sabotage). *ot