Donetsk, Mar 28 – DAN.  Unconventional ammunition has been discovered at a Ukrainian sniper position in Maryinka, the DPR People's Militia said.

"Another Ukrainian sniper has been taken down in Maryinka, he was armed with a so-called Ukrainian Ukrop 7,62 mm semi-automatic sniper rifle UAR-10. The ammo retrieved at the scene is worth mentioning, as they are expanding "dumdum" bullets," the press service said.

Legally, such ammo can be used only to hunt large animals. The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibited the use in international warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body. 
The UAR-10 is fed by a detachable box magazine with varying capacity: from 10 to 20 cartridges. A claimed effective range of fire is 1200 m, the rate of — 21 shot per minute. *ot