Donetsk, Jun 6 — DAN. The Russia-led coalition is still fighting its way into Svyatogorsk in the northern DPR, two more townships in the area are already liberated, the DPR Territorial Defense HQ said.

«As of June 6, the group of DPR and LPR forces with the fire support of the Russian army has liberated and established full control of 229 localities, including Zelyonyi Gai and Petrovskoye,» the report reads.

The operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine began on February 24.
Svyatogorsk is a small town in the north of the DPR, located next to the eponymous railway station. It is mostly known as a religious centre and a resort. Its population amounted to 4 thousand people before the active military action broke out.

Russian Ministry of Defence said that Ukrainian army deployed artillery and MLRS to the town. *ot