Donetsk, Jun 21 – DAN. Ceasefire to allow crop harvesting in Donbass comes into effect on midnight, June 24, said DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin’s press secretary Viktoria Talakina.

"The members of the Contact Group supported the idea to introduce the so-called "harvest ceasefire" to allow crop harvesting, it comes into effect on June 24, midnight. The ceasefire has been agreed to last till August 31. Negotiators hope it shall be observed even longer."

Talakina added that the participants of today's talks have invoked extraordinary measures to carry out more thorough monitoring of the situation in the third pilot zone for the disengagement of forces and hardware – Stanitsa Luganskaya area (LPR area), to carry out the envisaged disengagement on June 26.

"It is exactly the disengagement in the pilot zones and later everywhere along the contact line can become the basis for consistent and durable ceasefire."

The security situation along the line of contact remains tense; damages to households in DPR are reported almost daily. *ot