Donetsk, Aug 31 — DAN. The Russia-led coalition has liberated three settlements and a small town in the south-west of the DPR, the DPR Territorial Defence HQ said.

“As of August 31, the group of DPR and LPR forces with the fire support of the Russian army has liberated 275 localities, including Klyuchevoye, Volodino, Orlinskoye, Zavitne Bazhannya,” the report reads.

The villages of Volodino, Orlinskoye, Zavitne Bazhannya and the village of Klyuchevoye are located west of Volnovakha near the border with the Zaporozhye region. In recent years, they were assigned to the Volnovakha district, before that — to the Velikonovoselkovsky district, which was abolished by the Ukrainian occupiers in 2020. The administrative centre of the district is the urban-type settlement of Velikaya Novosyelka.
The operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine began on February 24. *ot