Donetsk, Jul 14 — DAN. Russian coalition forces have killed about 1,000 Ukrainian gunmen and destroyed more than 100 pieces of their weaponry and hardware on the approaches to Slavyansk in the past 24 hours, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Thursday.

“DPR militiamen jointly with Russian armed forces destroyed ammunition dumps in the Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk areas with precision strikes, ” Basurin said.  “Enemy losses amounted up to 1,000 personnel and more than 100 weapons and hardware pieces.”

A MLRS platoon was destroyed in counterbattery fight in the Nikolayevka area, he added.

The special operation to liberate Donbass began on February 24. As of now, 251 DPR settlements have been liberated from Ukrainian invaders, according to the latest reports. *jk