Donetsk, Dec 5 - DAN. DPR envoy to Minsk talks Denis Pushilin said at the talks in the Belarussian capital on Tuesday that the conflicting parties should have equal attitudes to their ceasefire commitments, Pushilin’s spokeswoman Viktoria Talakina said.

“The DPR envoy to Minsk talks has reiterated the need for the parties’ equal attitude to their ceasefire commitments, such as the publication of ceasefire orders, the search for the violators and disciplinary measures against them,” Talakina said.

The DPR delegation head drew attention to the fact that Ukraine had not published orders for army personnel concerning the observation of the ‘school ceasefire’ which officially took effect in late August. Unlike Ukraine, DPR has met the deadline for publishing such orders. Furthermore, the Republic’s forces have special truce sustaining working groups.

A new ceasefire accord came into effect in Donbass at 25 August midnight. It was approved by Contact Group participants in Minsk ahead of the new school year, and was dubbed school year ceasefire.

Full-fledged ceasefire never began though tensions on the contact line eased in the first hours. DPR territory has come under regular Ukrainian army units fire since.

Over the past 24 hours, DPR recorded 41 ceasefire violations by Ukraine which employs weapons banned under the Minsk Agreements. On Tuesday, a civilian was wounded as Ukrainian forces shelled western Donetsk.

The Contact Group in Minsk held a new round of talks on Tuesday. All the four Contact Group working groups were involved in the negotiations. A summary of the talks followed. The next meeting is due on 20 December 2017. *jk