Donetsk, Jul 16 - DAN. A Ukrainian nationalist leader, former commander of the Azov regiment Andrey Biletsky, ordered Azov gunmen to shell the Dolomitnoye neighbourhood in the frontline Gorlovka despite the “Joint Forces Operation” commanders’ orders, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said citing intelligence reports.

“Despite the orders given by Ukrainian President (Vladimir Zelensky) to “JFO” commander (Alexander) Syrsky to decrease the intensity of strikes at the Republic’s settlements in the runup to the Contact Group meeting, nationalists continue to ignore them,” Bezsonov said. “According to our information, Biletsky ignored the “JFO” command, ordering his gunmen from the Azov regiment to carry out provocative shelling of the Dolomitnoye settlement.”

The presence of Ukrainian rightist radicals on the frontline in Donbass is explained by the fact that Kiev sent them as reinforcement to the understaffed 92nd and 56th Brigades of the Ukrainian army. “The criminal command untied the hands of Ukrainian fascists to shoot at the Republic’s civilians,” the spokesman said.

Ukrainian army units violated the ceasefire ten times over the past 24 hours firing 119 rounds of ammunition at DPR areas, including 122mm howitzer rounds.*jk