Donetsk, Aug 19 — DAN. Ukrainian forces fired 150 rounds at the DPR on Friday. DAN presents its evening news summary. 

Here are the key events so far on Friday, August 19.

Fighting and victims

The enemy used artillery, and mortars to target the DPR.

A civilian was injured in Donetsk. Six houses and a shed sustained damage.

In Gorlovka, a woman was killed by Ukrainian fire, at least 20 buildings were damaged; 200 customers are without power.

Offensive ongoing

The Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated more than 50 militants of the Azov and Aidar armed groups banned in the DPR in the DPR northern occupied territories.

The Russia-led coalition has liberated the northern part of the Zaitsevo township.

Other news

The DPR Head Denis Pushilin extended the gratitude of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the heads of educational institutions.

Over 160,000 children will go to schools this fall in the DPR, the Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin announced today. Educational institutions all over the country are being renovated, supplied with computer classes, textbooks and fiction books, sports equipment. Teachers undergo re-training according to Russian educational standards.

Sergey Vlasov, a former head of a department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, was appointed the Director of the Fund for Industry Development.

The commemorative event named “Point of no return” took place today on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the Ukrainian troops' artillery strike on Makeyevka. *ot