Donetsk, Feb 27 — DAN. The blasting of the dam has increased the chances of encirclement of the Ukrainian army units in Artyomovsk; it has done them more harm than good, Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin said on Monday.

“We’ve seen fussy, not quite calculated actions (by the Ukrainian army) because they (were unable) to exert considerable influence on the advance of our units in Artyomovsk, ” Pushilin said on Russia-24 channel. “Meanwhile we’re recording difficulties created for the enemy units in the northern part of the town. In actual fact, the blasting of the dam in Artyomovsk did more harm than good, as it significantly increased the chances (for the Ukrainian forces) to be encircled.”

On February 25, Ukrainian gunmen blasted the dam at at water reservoir in Artyomovsk.  It created a hopeless situation for civilians as many households were flooded.

Artyomovsk is a large district center and a fortified area of the Ukrainian army north of Gorlovka. It has been occupied by Ukrainian forces since 2014. The prewar Artyomovsk had machine building, metallurgical and construction companies. The Artyomovsk Champagne Wines Factory is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Fierce fighting for the town has continued for several months. Western military experts and politicians said Ukrainian army manpower losses had run into thousands.*jk