Donetsk, Jun 20 — DAN. Ukrainian shelling has left 2,700 customers in the Kuibyshevskiy district of Donetsk without power supply, the DPR HQ Territorial Defence said.

“As a result of shelling, 2,700 households in the Kuibyshevskiy district of Donetsk are without power,” the HQ said.

The city mayor Alexey Kulemzin said that the customers are in the Azotnyi neighbourhood in north-western Donetsk. Fifteen transformer stations have been disconnected.

An elderly man sustained injuries.

Since the beginning of the day, Ukrainian armed formations fired 200-plus Grad and artillery rounds on the DPR.
Donetsk remains the hottest spot in the operation zone.
Sounds of explosions can be heard all across the city. *ot