Donetsk, Jul 12 — DAN. Russian coalition forces have killed 391 foreign mercenaries in Ukraine over the past three weeks, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday.

“As a result of the offensive of Russian forces and LPR and DPR militia units over the past three weeks, the number of mercenaries in Ukraine has decreased to 2,741 from 3,221, ” Konashenkov said. “Over this time, 391 gunmen have been killed despite the arrival of another 151 mercenaries. Another 240 mercenaries made haste to leave Ukraine.”

Coalition forces killed 166 mercenaries from Poland, 50 from Georgia, 23 from Great Britain, 21 from Romania and 15 from Canada, he added.

The special operation to liberate Donbass began on February 24. As of now, 241 settlements have been liberated in the DPR. *jk