Donetsk, Apr 14 — DAN. The State Hermitage Museum has replenished its collection with a stamp made of metal which was issued by Donbass Post in honor of polar explorer Georgy Sedov in 2021, the press service of the state-owned company told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“Metal stamps are our know-how. Nobody else in the world makes them. The DPR’s metal stamp is symbiosis of numismatics and philately, ” the press service said. “Our product has passed the expert evaluation by the Hermitage to replenish its stock. Our issue dedicated to Georgy Sedov is henceforth kept in the Hermitage.”

The stamp in honor of Georgy Sedov and the first Russian expedition to the North Pole was issued in August 2021. The obverse of the stamp shows the charity token issued in 1912 to raise money for the expedition and the reverse features the Saint Phocas vessel. 

Earlier, DAN reported that Russia and Kazakhstan had added DPR’s Vasily Chapayev stamp to their philatelic collections.

Russian hydrographer and polar explorer Sedov was born in the Krivaya Kosa village (now called Sedovo township, Donetsk People’s Republic) in 1877. He was born into a fisherman’s family. He participated in the expeditions to study Vaigach Island, the mouth of the river Kara, Novaya Zemlya, the Kara Sea, the Caspian Sea, the mouth of the river Kolyma and sea approaches to it, and Krestovaya Guba Bay. Sedov died during the unsuccessful expedition to the North Pole in 1914.*jk