Donetsk, Apr 6 — DAN. Civil engineers have prepared a preliminary project to restore the old water tower in Mariupol, a key place of interest, city administration head Oleg Morgun said on Thursday. 

“The preliminary project is ready; the authorities are also considering various options to rebuild another two heritage sites: the Houses of Gamper and architect Nilsen, ” Morgun said adding that he had discussed restoration works with representatives of the all-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments and Culture.

The society is expected to help Mariupol restore a number of heritage sites using federal budget allocations.

The DPR Culture Ministry earlier told the Donetsk News Agency that monuments in Mariupol and several liberated areas had been inventoried.

The 33-meter-tall old water tower designed by Architect Viktor Nilsen is located Mariupol’s Oktyabrsky district. In 2018, it was renovated as an office building. In 2022, the facility was damaged during hostilities.

The neo-Gothic Gamper House was built in 1897. It is located in the city center as well. Russian doctor and activist, head of the Mariupol district hospital Sergey Gamper lived there.

Nilsen’s House was put up in the beginning of the 20th century by Viktor Nilsen who had been invited by local authorities to take the position of city architect. His key achievement was the construction of water supply lines. The mansion was built for the Nilsen family in the city garden area in southern Mariupol.*jk