Donetsk, Feb 19 – DAN. DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko has met politicians and social activists from Russia, Germany and Norway, DAN correspondent reports.

The head of the German faction "Die Linke" in the Osnabrück region and head of Germany's Popular Diplomacy project Andreas Maurer, the Popular Diplomacy representative in Norway Hendrik Weber, the Popular Diplomacy coordinator in Russia Artem Aksenenko and the president of Russian foundation Solidarity.Goodness.Mercy Vladimir Sych joined the closed-doors meeting.

"We have discussed a lot of issues with the Head. We discussed further cooperation opportunities, business partnership. This is definitely not the last visit. The next delegation will include those interested in business developments," Maurer said after the meeting.

The Donbass conflict settlement has also become one of the topics, Weber expressed his confidence that the only solution is the dialog between the sides. He also emphasized the importance of breaking information blockade existing in the West.

"The only way out of the conflict is dialog. Our popular diplomacy project aims at delivering this idea to Europe. There are no terrorists or separatists in Donbass, it's absurd. Infrastructure and industry are functioning and the Republic looks like a real state. That is why the information blockade in Germany and Norway must be eliminated and the war here put to an end."

The foreign delegation arrived yesterday; the visit is to last two days. The main objective is to develop popular diplomacy between the countries. *ot