Donetsk, Apr 12 - DAN. Hollywood actor Peter von Berg is visiting Donetsk, a State Academic Music and Drama Theatre representative said on Thursday.

“Peter von Berg held a meet-the-artist event at our theatre today, attended by more than 50 personnel, including leading artists, theatre-going youths and Pespektiva school students," the representative said.

Peter von Berg spoke about cinema and theatre traditions, western film production specifics, Shakespeare's works and shooting of a “film of inner visions.”

“I came two days ago on a friend’s invitation. I plan to stay in Donetsk until April 15. I had no time to have a good look at the city, but I’ve already been to scenes of shelling,” Donetsk Theatre staff quoted von Berg as saying.

Peter von Berg is a U.S. actor of Russian origin. He began his career in 1981. He starred in nearly two dozen films and shows, including House of Cards, Law and Order, A Killing on Brighton Beach, The Castaway, the Americans etc. Von Berg often played Russians. In House of Cards, he played Russian Foreign Minister Ivan Bugayev.*jk