Donetsk, May 8 - DAN. Ukrainian forces intensified fire at Gorlovka as Polish mercenaries arrived at Ukrainian positions in the area, the Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday.

“We recorded the arrival of a group of mercenaries, supposedly Polish private military company personnel, in the responsibility zone of the 24th brigade on the Gorlovka axis,” Basurin said. “We have information that these gunmen are partially involved in shootings at the Zaitsevo and Golmovskiy settlements.”

Tensions have mounted in the Gorlovka area in the past few days as the number of strikes by Ukrainian forces has increased considerably. A civilian was wounded in Zaitsevo when it came under fire on Monday evening. In the morning, Ukrainian army units delivered a new strike at Zaitsevo and adjacent areas. Ten houses have been damaged in the recent shelling.*jk