Donetsk, June 18 – DAN. "Peace to Donbass Children" commemoration of children killed in Donbass is taking place in Berlin, the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

The event is taking place on June 15-24.

"Photos of children who were killed by Ukrainian armed formations shelling are displayed on the streets of Berlin. This is how German activists draw attention pf Europeans to the true side of the events in Donbass, while Ukrainian authorities resort to western media to distort the situation to provide a Ukrainian perspective," the ministry said.

Documentary films, reports of German politicians and activists on European opinions are on the agenda.

Representatives of the Alternative for Germany party Gunnar Lindemann and Richard Gretzinger have already attended the event.

"The DPR Foreign Ministry expresses its deep gratitude to Oleg Muzyka and all those who made the commemoration possible. Even in the difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic, Republic's supporters in foreign countries find opportunities to support Donbass people."

According to latest reports, 5,000 people were killed in the DPR since the outbreak of war, 91 children among the victims. *ot