Grabovo, Jul 17 – DAN. Flowers and toys reappeared today at the MH17 crash memorial stone outside the village of Grabovo as DPR residents commemorated the victims of one of the most horrific plane crashes of the decade.

The DPR Head Denis Pushilin arrived at the site to address the gathering.

"We have nothing to conceal. We need the truth. We know how painful it is to love the loved ones, Donbass has suffered a lot of losses: barrages on Donetsk, air strike on Snezhnoye, Black Sunday of Gorlovka… We share the pain of losing family members to this monstrous catastrophe. Donbass needs the truth, the victims need memory eternal."

White balloons, unleashed into the sky, contrasted against ten national flags of the countries whose citizens were on board. Four of these countries are part of the Joint Investigation Team, established to answer the question that is being asked for seven years now: who is to blame?

Pushilin said that the Republic has been assisting the investigation from the first days following the crash.

"Why has the investigation stalled? We have been providing all the data. Maybe because they don't need it? Maybe they know they cannot announce who the culprit is?" the DPR Head said.

"Why does the US decline to provide satellite images? Why is the West unwilling to learn the truth?" he kept asking as the attendees held portraits of the victims.

On July 17, 2014 a surface-to-air missile hit a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 at cruising altitude killing 298 people on board. Russia was immediately blamed for the catastrophe even before first investigators reached the scene. Moscow has been denying charges as subsequent investigation revealed that the missile had been launched from the Kiev-controlled territory. *ot