Donetsk, Apr 23 – DAN.  The tragic death of the OSCE SMM paramedic can be used by Ukraine as an alleged reason to refuel dialog on sending armed international police mission to Donbass, Donetsk political analysts said.

"Ukraine resorts to sabotage and provocations in this war. Naturally, the tragedy that occurred to the OSCE members will be used to full extent by the Ukrainian side," said DPR MP Miroslav Rudenko. "Probably they will insist again on deploying armed peacemakers, will do anything to play out the military scenario."

He said international organizations were overindulgent of Ukraine's actions. "Now they have learnt they might also be treated as "collateral damage".

The dean of history department of Donetsk National University Kirill Cherkashin is sure the West won't do Kiev's bidding.

"Ukraine will cry foul of course. Probably the issue of an armed mission will be raised again. But personally, I believe it will end up in talk and proclamations. The OSCE is not interested in deteriorating the situation, thus dramatic change is unlikely to follow."

Earlier DPR foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova urged Kiev to refrain from speculating over the tragedy.

On April 23 a paramedic of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission was killed, two monitors were wounded as the mission’s vehicle drove on and exploded on an anti-tank mine, as it was going from Slavyanoserbsk to Sokolniki. This is the first victim among international observers in Donbass conflict. *ot