Donetsk, Jun 21 - DAN. Ukrainian forces will employ air defence missile systems Strela-10 to shoot down OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’s unmanned aerial vehicles, Donetsk People’s Republic armed forces spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Thursday citing intelligence reports.

“The Ukrainian command is continuing to take countermeasures against OSCE SMM’s Camcopter S-100 UAVs. A battery of Strela-10 systems with control equipment was spotted arriving in the Khlebodarovka area. The systems were dispersed and went on combat alert at the brigade commander's order,” Berzsonov said.

According to DPR intelligence, six self-propelled howitzers Akatsia, 152mm, and two dozen army trucks arrived at the Ukraine-controlled Zachatovka village area outside Volnovakha. In the vicinity of the Chermalyk village, the operation of a radio electronic warfare team was recorded.

Earlier reports said that Kiev forces planned to use radio electronic warfare equipment on the contact line in Donbass as countermeasure against OSCE UAVs.*jk