Donetsk, Aug 19 - DAN. OSCE Special Monitoring Mission personnel do not report truce violations in Donbass by Ukrainian army units, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Ruslan Yakubov said on Thursday.

“We have to state that for unclear reasons, the Mission increasingly often breaches the OSCE principles showing obvious bias in favor of interests of one of the sides,”  Yakubov said. “Otherwise, we cannot explain why the Mission has not reported up to date the violations by Ukrainian armed formations and their tragic outcome.”

He said that none of the Mission’s reports reflected a ceasefire violation by the Ukrainian army in the Kominternovo settlement where a man and a woman had been wounded. The woman died of her wounds the next day. OSCE personnel visited the village on August 4, while on August 10, they were in Kominternovo together with UN Mission representatives.

In the presence of the visiting members of both international organizations, and in immediate proximity to them, two unmanned aerial vehicles of Ukrainian armed formations dropped bombs on to the Kominternovo territory, hitting the same area where the civilians were wounded on August 2. Both the OSCE monitors and UN Mission representatives who simultaneously entered the settlement couldn’t but witness the incident,” Yakubov said.

Yakubov added that the Republic made repeated attempts to find out whey the OSCE was hiding Kiev’s crimes, but all its questions were left unanswered.

“Meanwhile, Mission representatives show professional super abilities in quick and detailed recording of consequences of ceasefire violations in the Kiev-controlled territory,” he said. “For example, the Mission, just by a trace on the ground, concluded that it was an impact of an artillery round fired from an absolutely context-sensitive area. The question is why there are no specialists of this level among Mission representatives in our territory?”

The package of tighter ceasefire control measures has been in effect in Donbass since July 27, 2020. The document bans the use of all weapons, deployment of hardware, special operations, engineer works and unmanned aerial vehicle flights.*jk