Donetsk, Feb 27 – DAN. Gunnar Lindemann, member of Berlin's regional parliament from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, promised to contribute to the recognition of DPR-issued documents in Europe.

"Currently, DPR documents are not recognized in Europe, I have already raised this issue in the Berlin Parliament, but to no avail. I promise to work on it further on and that Europe will recognize you as an independent democratic state for sure."

Lindemann said that he also has plans on exchange of DPR and German students.

Patrick Poppel, director of the Suvorov Institute in Vienna, Austrian human rights activist, said that the DPR is a fully established democratic state.

"Europe has to recognize the fact that it is a functioning, independent state with its Constitution and authorities. Our Institute does everything to spread the word in Europe. The fact of the state souverenity (of the DPR) can no longer be denied."

Lindemann and Poppel visited Donbass to take a closer look at its social and economic situation and to discuss cooperation opportunities. *ot*pp