Donetsk, Apr 13 – DAN. Finland has never interfered with the work of the DPR Representative's office in Helsinki, said the director of the center, rights activist Johan Bäckman told the Donetsk News Agency.

According to Bäckman the office provides legal consultations, information and rights support.

The Ukrainian embassy often criticizes the DPR Representative's office, issuing notes of protest and posts on Twitter, accusing Helsinki of supporting the DPR.

"They regularly accuse Finland of allowing the so-called "terrorist propaganda" and demand some reaction from the government. But Finnish authorities have never reacted, saying only that they do not recognize the DPR," Bäckman said.

The DPR centre in Finland, de facto set up in autumn 2016, has mostly performed functions in the human rights sphere. The Centre was officially launched on December 9, 2017. It is headed by Finnish rights activists Johan Bäckman.

Earlier the DPR representative offices were launched in Greece, Czech Republic, Italy and France. *ot