Donetsk, Apr 17 – DAN. A famous Serbian actor and director Gojko Mitić, widely known for his portrayal of Chingachgook and other Native Americans in a number of films, have arrived in Donetsk.

The DPR Ministry of Culture said that "Gojko Mitić, a famous Serbian actor and director, has arrived in Donetsk" and plans to meet the actors of the Donetsk State Music and Drama Theater and visit local landmarks.

On April 18, he will present the Balkan Line action film directed by Andrey Volgin, dedicated to the secret operation to capture the Slatina Airport in Kosovo during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, where Mitić plays one of the key roles.

Mitić starred in dozens of films, including a numerous series of Red Westerns from the GDR DEFA Studios, and contributed to the popular image of Native Americans in German-speaking countries. The Chingachgook, the Great Serpent film made him widely known in Europe and the Soviet Union. *ot