Donetsk, Oct 29 - DAN. An exhibition of equipment and products manufactured by Donetsk People’s Republic enterprises has opened in the DPR capital’s Shakhtar Plaza Hotel complex which is currently hosting the Donetsk International Investment Forum.

The DPR is diplaying products and equipment of mining, metallurgical, chemical, machine building etc. industries. Among the participants are the Makeyevugol coal mining company, Yuzovskiy Metallurgical Plant, Snezhnyanskkhimmach, Donpromkabel, DonFrost etc.

“We hope that the exhibition will introduce us to the broad public. At present, our products are in demand in the DPR and the LPR. I believe that the market will expand thanks to this event,” Donpromkabel representative Ilya Levchenko said. “We hope to launch exports to Russia and other countries.”

The exhibition will run until 16:00.

Earlier reports said that Donetsk hosted an international investment forum which brought together more than 250 delegates from 17 countries. Representatives of Russia, the United States, and European and Asian countries came to Donetsk.

The investment forum is a platform to attract capital in the Donbass economy, improve the investment climate and develop external economic and business ties. The investment climate is characterised by stable legislative groundwork, favourable customs regulations, moderate taxes and various incentives for investors. The DPR will prioritise these issues.*jk