Donetsk, Nov 18 — DAN. The United Nations and International Committee of the Red Cross must look into the video posted on the Internet which shows Kiev gunmen shooting and killing Russian servicemen, Donetsk People’s Republic ombudsperson Darya Morozova said on Friday.

The video allegedly shows Ukrainian armed formations gunmen shooting Russian POWs in the back in Makeyevka (northern Lugansk People’s Republic).

“I officially appealed to the UN and ICRC; I expect  an unbiased inquiry, ” Morozova said.  “If the video is proved to be authentic, we demand a proper response from the international human rights community to the outrageous war crime committed by members of Ukrainian armed formations.”

The Republic has recorded since 2014 numerous facts of torture, battery and inhuman treatment of civilians held in Ukraine, she added.

“As the special military operation began, Ukrainian armed formations members actually forgot such notions as humanity or international humanitarian law and lost the positive human qualities, ” Morozova said. *jk