Donetsk, Oct 30 – DAN. DPR and LPR are to launch a new payment system to attract foreign investment, the declaration "Donbass – Experience of Extreme Economy" adopted at the Donetsk International Investment Forum reads.

"Alternative payment system, independent in terms of politics and compatible with Russisan payment instruments, is required to attract foreign investment. The development of such a system is almost finished, it will shortly be tested in the Republics," the document says.

New system is supposed to minimize politics-related risks for businesses in Donbass, provide fast settlements and create favorable investment climate.

Donetsk International Investment Forum was held on October 29-30 with participation of 17 countries. The participants signed 34 agreements with the total worth of 135.6 billion RUB. One of the key propositions voiced at the Forum are: establishment of an off-shore zone and blockchain technology legalization. *ot