Donetsk, Jul 16 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic found out that there was a U.S. mercenary in the group of commandos who tripped mines outside Gorlovka on July 13, DPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Eduard Basurin said on Thursday.

“We’ve established the identity of the killed commando whose body was handed over to Ukraine on Wednesday,” Basurin said. “He is Sean Fuller, callsign Texas, who gained combat experience in Iraq. He is a demolition expert."

“According to available information, Sean Fuller supported far-right views and vigorously interacted with Ukrainian nationalists,” he said.

Earlier reports said that a group of Ukrainian commandos advanced towards DPR positions in the Zaitsevo settlement area (northern Gorlovka) on July 13. They walked into a minefield. One of them was killed in a mine explosion on the spot. DPR militiamen evacuated his body and handed it over to Ukraine on Wednesday. The DPR provided security guarantees for the search of the bodies of other Ukrainian servicemen reported by Kiev as missing.*jk*pp