Donetsk, Oct 30 – DAN. More than 30 contracts have been signed at the Donetsk Investment Forum with the total worth of 135.6 billion rubles (USD 2,124,852,000), said the chairman of the  Donetsk International Investment Forum Organising Committee Larisa Kostrovets.

"Within the framework of the Forum, 34 agreements have been signed for the total of 135.6 billion rubles. These are contracts in industrial and agricultural sectors and also new and investment projects."

One of the most important agreements signed was a cooperation memorandum between DPR Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Swiss company Black Shield Investment Fund.

"We are very experienced when it comes to challenging situations. We worked in the 90s, and after Yugoslavia broke up. We kept working after 2010 and now we see a lot of investment opportunities in Donbass," the Black Shield's director and investment manager Periklis Katsioulas said.

Delegations of 17 countries are taking part in the Donetsk International Investment Forum on October 29-30, the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

The event is taking place in the Shakhtar Plaza.

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