Donetsk, Dec 22 – DAN. Kiev's representatives at the Minsk talks suggested adopting a POW exchange mechanism comfortable for Ukraine as it expects "the number of captives to rise", the DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova said.

Another round of talks started on Tuesday with the meetings of humanitarian and political subgroups. The key issues remain the same: prisoner exchange, Ukraine fulfilling its obligations on legal clearance of earlier liberated detainees, discussion of the mechanism of exchanging information on detainees to identify and verify them.

"The final accord of this sequence of provocations was a statement of a Kiev representative on the necessity to harmonize what he described as a mechanism comfortable for Ukraine, as there will be more detainees soon," Morozova said.

In addition, Ukrainian delegation proposed to remove the issue of legal clearance from the agenda altogether as not relevant.

"I would like to mention that it automatically implies the removal of the exchange discussion from the agenda because the stumbling stone is Kiev's unwillingness to fulfil its previous obligations to discontinue criminal proceedings against earlier liberated people," she said.

During the  2019-2020 POW exchanges, DPR received 71 people. The sides agreed to carry out the legal clearance of the released persons. Kiev has not delivered on its commitment. *ot